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Made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2020 for the theme: "Out of Control"

Rules (In case the diagrams confused you):

  1. Use WASD to move (at the start).
  2. Move the circle to the flag to win.
  3. With each move, you move your movement keybinds to the same direction.
  4. Only 40 keys on your keyboard are usable for movement controls, any directional keys that fall outside of them stop working until you move them back inside the boundary (See in-game diagram or the screenshot to see which key is available)

There's a short tutorial in the last page of rules diagrams if you want to test out the controls.

Note 2: Semicolon(;) doesn't work on browser, works normally on Windows version (No idea why)

Thanks for playing, please considering voting if you enjoyed it.


  • "Thud" sound effect from
  • Everything else by Xascoria
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCasual, maze, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes


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WindowsVersion1.04 12 MB

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Very interesting! I gave up on level 3 because it hurt my head, but it was really fun!

Very interesting concept, it is definitely unique. Some work on the graphics would go a long way on this one, but other than that I enjoyed playing it. Good job. :)

fun and minimalistic game

Super clever!

Really cool game!

Very creative, Confusing but when it clicks its super fun

Amazing!!! Super creative

Love the idea! I did get a bit lost, forgetting what was my last pressed key. Maybe adding some sort of indication of the last pressed key would help orient the player a bit more. Great job otherwise!

I like it! I think hiding the keys makes this particularly challenging, and it was fun trying to adapt to following the dot with each key press. I think the presentation could be better, but otherwise its fantastic. Good job!

This game is really good!

solid game and really well put together! nice execution of a creative idea.

This is so awesome! I don't know how much it would break the difficulty / game feel but could you add a mode that shows the current control keys.


I'll consider it, thanks for your feedback!

A great but confusing mechanic, it took me a while but I could understand it at the end!
Godot FTW!

Thanks for your feedback!


Clever mechanic! How many puzzles are there?

6, didn't made that much since it's a jam game

Super clever idea! As has been said already, it would be nice to see what my current movement keys are, but the puzzle of the game is here already, and it is great.

I'll keep that in mind in the future.

The is a really fun puzzle :D Good job!

Thank you :D

Oh this is an experience, I like this.

Thanks, that means a lot.


super clever concept but it would be nice to either see the last direction/ key pressed, or what the current key bindings are. I feel like the difficulty of this game should be in trying to figure out how you're going to make decisions based on limited movements rather than it being confusing.

Thanks for your feedback!