A turn based strategy, that runs in reverse! Where weird stuff like shooting enemies will give them health (since you are reversing time) happens!

It's basically a puzzle. Xascoria add more stuff here please I dont know what to add im just the artist. - Daryl

Idk what to put here either tbh, usually I just put the controls but this seems pretty self-explanatory - Xas


Click on your own unit to give it order.

Click on an enemy to see their move this turn.

Made in a week for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2

Source code: https://github.com/Xascoria/Brackeys

Note: Read this at your own risk, this is really really ugly code, I'm not proud of it


Programmer and Game Designer: Xascoria

Artist: Darylsteak

Musician and Sound Designer: ElliotRanger  


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The second level--December 8th--is confusing me greatly.  The aliens have taken four points of damage, total.  On December 8th, you can rewind three points, one from each soldier; on December 7th, though, the aliens all moved into position, which means they're all rewinding a step away from the humans, which means you can't un-shoot them any more.  Where could that fourth point of damage come from?

Yea that's a bug, I'm pretty sure the game isn't beatable on hard on that level

Nice looking game.

will soon play it.

i request you to play my game too.